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The Book Doctor

This one's for you, BonThere’s something settling about old books.  Kindle will get you “books in 60 seconds,” but there’s nothing like paper, leather, and glue to bring words to life.  The Book Doctor makes new custom books and rebinds old books.  The shop is a wonderful mix of leather, papers, and a jumble of antique books for sale.   Pay them a visit.  310 West 7th in Dallas in the Bishop Arts District.  Appointments are helpful.

Yes that antique work table is what you think it is...


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The Gypsy Wagon

Right next door to Again & Again you’ll find everything from boots to baby items at The Gypsy Wagon.  Located in an old house off of Henderson Street, this fun shop features clothing, gifts, household items, jewelry and more.  Antique, handmade, and imported – all unique!  Don’t miss the little room with children’s toys and accessories. 5211 Bonita off of Henderson St. in Dallas.

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Again & Again

When you’ve finished your coffee at The Pearl Cup, make your way down to Bonita Street.  Again & Again is a vintage furniture store that’s stuffed full of furniture, lighting, and wall decor.  They offer full services to update and upholster furniture pieces.  My personal preference is new furniture, but my daughter introduced me to Again & Again – as a big MadMen fan she loves the 50s and 60s vintage look.  Located at 5207 Bonita off of Henderson St. in Dallas.

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First impressions aren’t always positive.  If you can get past the creepy doll-part art, Junkadoodle on Lover’s Lane is full of objects from nostalgic to kitschy to artistic.  My favorite things are around the room – nice original art pieces of all sizes line the walls.  Lots of lighting.  Creative vignettes display the finds. 4401 W. Lovers Lane just down and across from Celebration.

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My favorite restaurant since high school dates is Celebration Restaurant on Lovers Lane.  Delicious meals are served family-style in a sprawling old house which is still divided into rooms.  It’s easy to talk with your companions as each room has a limited number of tables, some cozy booths, and you’re not in a noisy and cavernous room like many restaurants.  They can also accommodate private party or lunch meeting rooms of various sizes – we held my 5-0 at Celebration with family and friends.  My all-time favorite dish is their pot roast, but I’ve never had anything that wasn’t great.  They start you on a basket of breads.  Try the house-made Thousand Island dressing on your salad.  The desserts sound great by description, but I’ve never had room to order one.  Their wine-pairing suggestions work.  Not the most posh restaurant in town, but definitely the most consistently comfortable and tasty.

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FatStraws Bubble Tea

When I asked friends to suggest their favorite little-known places, my adorable 18-year-old friend Jen responded FatStraws Bubble Tea in Plano (Park & Midway).  I met her there this afternoon so she could guide me.  My preconceptions: 1) it would be thick and sweet and 2) I probably wouldn’t like it.  Pleasant surprise!  They let us taste samples of the special flavor of the day, lychee fruit tea.  The sample was sweet and the “bubbles” are somewhat strangely textured blobs of tapioca.  I guess I made a face because the girl asked what I didn’t like and offered to make mine less sweet.  I said yes and opted for a few bubbles since they are, after all, the trademark of the place.  It was simply freshly brewed tea, quite refreshing, and the bubbles were tolerable and fun to watching coming up the fat straw.  The wall of the shop is lined with a variety of exotic teas, and other fruit juices and smoothies are on the menu.  This is definitely one of those places that our society has cultivated that’s all about accommodating the whims of the customer, offering an endless variety of ways to tweak your beverage.  The highlight of the whole experience, though, was the company.  Jennifer is a lovely, creative young lady who goes to school in the building where I work.  She stops by to see us and eats chocolate at my desk from time to time, blowing through the office like a breath of fresh air.  I’ll miss her when she graduates.  Must keep in touch.

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Knox Street Market

I love this gift shop.  My favorite snuggly (yet attractive) blanket came from Knox Street Market.  They carry fun furniture and decorative items that are displayed artfully and inspire rearranging when I get home.  Adorable and unique baby items, a pet corner, fabulous lamps and candles, nice Christian-themed gift items without Christian-bookstore-overload.  Located in the great little shopping blocks on Knox Street west of I-75.

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6th Floor Museum

The entrance is at the back of the building, parking is challenging, and you have to get past the conspiracy theory guys with their papers, but the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is worth the trip. The museum, with its audio tour and excellent gift/book shop, takes you into the world of 1963 and gives you the facts without the conspiracy hype. When you reach the window where Lee Harvey Oswald took aim and killed President Kennedy, all goes quiet as people reflect on the magnitude of this historic event. The assassination is treated with dignity and respect. The Kennedy family has never participated in commemorative Dallas events, but a few family members have had private, after-hours tours and have reacted positively to the museum. The museum also boasts a large oral history collection which documents every angle of this event and the society in which it occurred. Located in the “School Book Depository” building at 411 Elm Street downtown.

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Rise No1

If you’ve traveled to France and wish you could go back, visit Rise No1 in Inwood Village. Souffles are the featured fare, with elegant salads and hors d’oeuvres to complement the souffles. The pace is European as you’ll wait for your souffle to be individually prepared and served hot and fluffy. Save room for a dessert souffle, or at least split one.  Indoor or patio seating are available year-round. A fun and delicious experience.

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Grapevine Springs Park

Hidden away in Coppell is a little gem of a park which has been a favorite shady spot since Sam Houston traveled the area negotiating with the Cherokees.  Grapevine Springs Park was improved by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s and the stonework remains.  Large homes and city facilities are encroaching on the area, but the park is still a quiet oasis with water, trails, picnic tables, and towering pecan and oak trees.  Located at the end of Park Street south of the 300 block of W. Bethel Road.

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