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Froggy’s and Tadpole’s

Froggy’s 5 & 10 is a wonderful combination of nostalgia, creativity, and fun for young and old. They boast an exceptional assortment of creative toys, costumes, books, and gifts for “kids” of all ages. It looks like the variety stores I grew up with; walls lined with blister packs of toys and games on pegs and every inch of space filled with something colorful. Tadpoles has toys and more for the even younger set, with the best selection I’ve seen of books for kids. A great selection of cards and small gifts for grown-ups is also available; mugs, magnets, and more with nostalgia and humor. Froggy’s 5 & 10 and Tadpole’s are in adjoining spaces on Knox Street between Weir’s and Wild About Harry’s.


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The Long Summer

I’ve been a slacker this summer. I must admit that when the extreme heat hits, it’s a little less tempting to get out and maybe even a little harder to brag on Dallas. But when the “cold front” arrived yesterday and I realized that the State Fair is right around the corner, I started thinking of what to feature next. We also have a new house guest, an exchange student from Korea. Suddenly I’m seeing things through the eyes of a teenager who is new not just to Dallas, but to the country. Should give me some new perspectives!

Here’s where I need the help of my readers. Suggestions? Recommendations? I would love to check out the places that you find to be unique to this area, and to hear why. And I’d love to know what you think are the best places to show off to someone entirely new to the country and the area!

(P.S. Can’t they just call them “less-hot fronts”?)

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Knox Street Market Update

It’s summertime at Knox Street Market! Here are some updated pictures.

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Newflower Farmers Market

Right around the corner from The Pearl Cup is a fun little market – not unique to Dallas, but the only one of its kind in town.  Newflower Farmers Market is similar to Sprouts but a has a little more local flavor.  The produce looks great; prices range from great to okay.  Meats are reasonably priced and labeled with all the right things from the way the animals were raised to hormone-free, additive-free, etc.  They offer a small but quality selection of take-with food for an immediate meal.  They have the largest selection I’ve seen of local honeys that you can buy bottled or by the ounce.  Bulk products including organics – and candy – were extensive.  Everything is clean and tidy and the staff is very friendly and helpful.  Love their slogan!  Located at 1800 N. Henderson Ave. in Dallas.

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Weir’s Furniture Village

The original location is on Knox Street and Weir’s now also has stores in Plano and Southlake. The store opened in 1948 and is currently in the hands of the 3rd generation of the family. Most of my household was furnished from Weir’s. I stroll through whenever I’m in the neighborhood of any of their stores. They carry furniture and accessories that simply feel like home. You find distinctive pieces instead of pre-arranged sets like so many stores are now featuring. Bargains can be found when they have a close-out item, but prices are fair all the time. If you don’t like something once it’s home, they will take it back. Don’t miss the Country Store where you’ll find old-fashioned candy by the ounce, fresh popcorn, and cold bottled soft drinks as well as gift items, children’s gifts, a selection of Christian books and cards, and even a Post Office. The history of the store is a fun read as they’ve really grown with Dallas.  Closed on Sundays; here’s where you’ll find them.

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The Gypsy Wagon

Right next door to Again & Again you’ll find everything from boots to baby items at The Gypsy Wagon.  Located in an old house off of Henderson Street, this fun shop features clothing, gifts, household items, jewelry and more.  Antique, handmade, and imported – all unique!  Don’t miss the little room with children’s toys and accessories. 5211 Bonita off of Henderson St. in Dallas.

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Again & Again

When you’ve finished your coffee at The Pearl Cup, make your way down to Bonita Street.  Again & Again is a vintage furniture store that’s stuffed full of furniture, lighting, and wall decor.  They offer full services to update and upholster furniture pieces.  My personal preference is new furniture, but my daughter introduced me to Again & Again – as a big MadMen fan she loves the 50s and 60s vintage look.  Located at 5207 Bonita off of Henderson St. in Dallas.

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Knox Street Market

I love this gift shop.  My favorite snuggly (yet attractive) blanket came from Knox Street Market.  They carry fun furniture and decorative items that are displayed artfully and inspire rearranging when I get home.  Adorable and unique baby items, a pet corner, fabulous lamps and candles, nice Christian-themed gift items without Christian-bookstore-overload.  Located in the great little shopping blocks on Knox Street west of I-75.

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Wild About Harry’s

The line is often out the door at Wild About Harry’s at 3113 Knox Street in Dallas.  You’ll know it by the giant hot dog outside the door.  An entire menu of hot dogs, many named for cities and states, and ice cream (family recipe custard) and shakes (try a “concrete” mixture of custard and toppings) – what more could you need?  They have espresso too, but I haven’t tried it.also at Wild About Harry's

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The Pearl Cup

The Pearl Cup is a comfy espresso bar on Henderson St. east of I75.  The Pearl Latte is their signature drink.  It’s a little sweet and rich for me, but the Pearl Light is just right – a little bit of rich decadence combined with perfect coffee.  They have special teas and enticing baked goods as well as a small menu featuring breakfast and lunch items.  Plenty of outlets and wireless service for when you need to be connected; puppy-friendly patio seating for people watching on a pretty day.


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