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FatStraws Bubble Tea

When I asked friends to suggest their favorite little-known places, my adorable 18-year-old friend Jen responded FatStraws Bubble Tea in Plano (Park & Midway).  I met her there this afternoon so she could guide me.  My preconceptions: 1) it would be thick and sweet and 2) I probably wouldn’t like it.  Pleasant surprise!  They let us taste samples of the special flavor of the day, lychee fruit tea.  The sample was sweet and the “bubbles” are somewhat strangely textured blobs of tapioca.  I guess I made a face because the girl asked what I didn’t like and offered to make mine less sweet.  I said yes and opted for a few bubbles since they are, after all, the trademark of the place.  It was simply freshly brewed tea, quite refreshing, and the bubbles were tolerable and fun to watching coming up the fat straw.  The wall of the shop is lined with a variety of exotic teas, and other fruit juices and smoothies are on the menu.  This is definitely one of those places that our society has cultivated that’s all about accommodating the whims of the customer, offering an endless variety of ways to tweak your beverage.  The highlight of the whole experience, though, was the company.  Jennifer is a lovely, creative young lady who goes to school in the building where I work.  She stops by to see us and eats chocolate at my desk from time to time, blowing through the office like a breath of fresh air.  I’ll miss her when she graduates.  Must keep in touch.


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  1. Friends of our family. Paul discovered FatStraws in ’03. He and the owner became friends. Paul would taste new ‘recipes’ and post reviews of menu items! Growing successfully, they have a second location: 5301 Alpha Road #38, Dallas, TX 75240.

    Comment by Kay Henry | April 7, 2010 | Reply

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