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Weir’s Furniture Village

The original location is on Knox Street and Weir’s now also has stores in Plano and Southlake. The store opened in 1948 and is currently in the hands of the 3rd generation of the family. Most of my household was furnished from Weir’s. I stroll through whenever I’m in the neighborhood of any of their stores. They carry furniture and accessories that simply feel like home. You find distinctive pieces instead of pre-arranged sets like so many stores are now featuring. Bargains can be found when they have a close-out item, but prices are fair all the time. If you don’t like something once it’s home, they will take it back. Don’t miss the Country Store where you’ll find old-fashioned candy by the ounce, fresh popcorn, and cold bottled soft drinks as well as gift items, children’s gifts, a selection of Christian books and cards, and even a Post Office. The history of the store is a fun read as they’ve really grown with Dallas.  Closed on Sundays; here’s where you’ll find them.


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Prestonwood Baptist Church

Since I’ve never attended a service at Prestonwood Baptist Church, it would seem strange to post about it. But this church is not just a church, it’s somewhat of a phenomenon. When our daughter was married, Baptist relatives visiting from Florida had only one sight-seeing request, and that was to see Prestonwood. We took them, just to walk around while no services were taking place, and were amazed at what we saw. We have since attended weddings in their chapel (a beautiful, traditional place), and I have attended meetings and eaten lunch there on a number of occasions. This church is like a small city, with 2 gift shop/bookstores and a full restaurant (corporate-cafeteria-style) as well as a private school and full fitness facilities (probably not open to just anybody). The lobby has art and a series of stained glass windows, plus seating areas, a play area, and kiosks about various ministries. Quite a monument to what Big Baptist Bucks can build. (We refer to our church as being in the “shadow of the Baptidome” and when our staff goes to lunch there, we refer to it as eating at “our east campus.”) No disrespect intended – seriously – this church has impressive ministries in many areas and it’s a blessing to share the neighborhood. Located at Park Blvd. and Midway in Plano.

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Warning: for hardcore chocoholics only! Dude, Sweet is home to “handmade artisan chocolate in the heart of Oak Cliff.” Try an ice cream bar while wandering in Bishop Arts district. You get the actual fiber (“nibs”) from the cocoa beans in a delicious chocolate ice cream. Not as sweet as you’re used to but the pure essence of chocolate. Peruse the shelves for some of the most unusual combinations imaginable, like Apple Jack with apple butter and Jack Daniels or Zanzibar with African curry and banana. More traditional tastes can try the hot chocolate or the Chubby Nuts.  408 W. 8th Street in Dallas.

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Lovin’ Oven

Lancaster’s historic town square is home to this miniscule bakery that has been in business for almost 30 years.  The town square has taken several beatings over the years from fires to a Bonnie & Clyde bank robbery to a devastating tornado in 1994, but its charm has survived and it has some cute shops.  The Lovin’ Oven bakery is a great stop simply for yummy cookies, cakes, and other baked treats to eat on the spot or to order for an event.  Located at 181 Historic Town Square in Lancaster.

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Make Shop & Studio is the kind of store we all wish we’d thought of, at least those of us who like to create things. It’s a studio, boutique, “sewing & craft lounge” where you can buy things made by others, buy materials to make things, and learn to make things yourself. They sponsored the Urban Street Bazaar last weekend and they just do all kinds of things to inspire and promote creativity. From clothing to jewelry to gift items for the home, you’ll find inspiration and unique articles. Make is located in the Bishop Arts District at 313 N. Bishop.

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Dallas Summer Musicals

In the past when you wanted to buy season tickets to the Summer Musicals, you had to buy the whole season and the same time slot for all of the shows, even if not all the shows were of interest. We once split a season with someone that worked out remarkably well, but it was rare to find someone with opposite tastes to split the shows. Now, you can build a custom season ticket package with as few as four shows, selecting your preferred time slot for each individual show. You can combine shows at the State Fair Music Hall and the Majestic Theater downtown. Both of these historic venues are worth the trip and the shows are great productions. The cheap seats are no more expensive than a 3-D movie, and this is the original 3-D! I recommend that you splurge on at least one show, though, and go for the good seats. The first show, Xanadu, is already underway.

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Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Check out Eno’s Pizza for a drink or a great bite to eat while you’re in Oak Cliff.  I tried their original pizza.  It’s a thin, almost crispy crust and great combination of toppings.  They offer live music on Fridays and first Thursdays.  A large bar and quiet booths make visiting easy, and the service is good.  407 N. Bishop Ave.  (If you can’t get to Oak Cliff, at least pay a visit to their creative website.)

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Coppell Deli

When you visit the Farmer’s Market, pay a visit to the legendary Coppell Deli next door.  A known hangout of the Dallas Cowboys since it opened in 1989, several sandwiches are named for players.  It’s really more of a grill, with fabulous hamburgers and fries served in bags.  Try breakfast on the way to the market (you’ll have to stand in line!).  I personally recommend the pancakes, although some of the breakfast sandwiches (check out the Stubbs sandwich) are popular with the larger appetites.  Sports play on the TVs.  Don’t let the humble appearance fool you – it’s something you must experience!  449 W. Bethel Rd. in Coppell.   Take your lunch to nearby Grapevine Springs Park!  Their newer location, called Deliman Grill, is located on Denton Tap Road at the 121 Bypass.  Same good burgers with some good Greek food on the menu as well.

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Coppell Farmers Market

The weekend is almost here!  The Coppell Farmers Market opens for the season this Saturday and will run until the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This delightful market features direct-from-the-farm produce, plants, meats, and cheeses.  When peaches are in season the aroma meets you as you get out of your car.  You’ll find mouth-watering fresh strawberries, blueberries, melons and more.  Other vendors lend variety with seafood, breads, honey and honey spreads, canned goods, spices, soaps, coffee and tea, and even doggie treats.   Sometimes you’ll find music or community events in conjunction with the Market.  Located at W. Bethel and Coppell Roads – open 8am to sellout on Saturdays.

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The Soda Gallery

Now this one is fun. Like walking into a beautifully illustrated comic book. The Soda Gallery is full of every kind of soft drink imaginable. Nostalgic drinks, imported drinks, all the Dublin Dr. Pepper you could want. You can buy by the case or a single chilled choice. Pop art (no pun intended) is on the walls and there’s a lounge with board games. My daughter enjoyed a Mexican Fresca and reminisced about mission trips to Costa Rica. I enjoyed a cold cherry cream soda and it just tasted good. 408 N. Bishop in the Bishop Arts district.

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