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Lockhart Smokehouse

Are you ready for some great barbecue? Check out Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff. They’ll start with a thoroughly blackened brisket, slice it with such ease that you can already tell how tender it will be, and serve it to you wrapped in paper. Ask for sauce and utensils and you’ll learn that this meat melts in your mouth with flavor that makes sauce unnecessary. The sides are terrific as well, and the guys behind the counter will help you choose with tempting descriptions. They obviously take pride in what they do, and it’s well-deserved. We didn’t even stay for the live music, but we understand the line’s out the door in the evenings. It’s at 400 W. Davis, right at Bishop Ave. in the Bishop Arts District.


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The Long Summer

I’ve been a slacker this summer. I must admit that when the extreme heat hits, it’s a little less tempting to get out and maybe even a little harder to brag on Dallas. But when the “cold front” arrived yesterday and I realized that the State Fair is right around the corner, I started thinking of what to feature next. We also have a new house guest, an exchange student from Korea. Suddenly I’m seeing things through the eyes of a teenager who is new not just to Dallas, but to the country. Should give me some new perspectives!

Here’s where I need the help of my readers. Suggestions? Recommendations? I would love to check out the places that you find to be unique to this area, and to hear why. And I’d love to know what you think are the best places to show off to someone entirely new to the country and the area!

(P.S. Can’t they just call them “less-hot fronts”?)

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A treasure trove of unique accessories, Epiphany requires a close look. Clothing, accessories, and jewelry by local artisans fill this delightful shop. The scarves were favorites for me. You’ll find mostly women’s clothes (some pricey) and a few men’s. This shop will appeal to bohemian tastes and fans of tight jeans (they describe it as Paris meets West Coast – my paraphrase); they also feature many gift items from wearables to travel accessories to home accessories. Say hi to the large gentle dog in the back. Located in the Bishop Arts District at 412 N. Bishop.

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Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Warning: for hardcore chocoholics only! Dude, Sweet is home to “handmade artisan chocolate in the heart of Oak Cliff.” Try an ice cream bar while wandering in Bishop Arts district. You get the actual fiber (“nibs”) from the cocoa beans in a delicious chocolate ice cream. Not as sweet as you’re used to but the pure essence of chocolate. Peruse the shelves for some of the most unusual combinations imaginable, like Apple Jack with apple butter and Jack Daniels or Zanzibar with African curry and banana. More traditional tastes can try the hot chocolate or the Chubby Nuts.  408 W. 8th Street in Dallas.

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Make Shop & Studio is the kind of store we all wish we’d thought of, at least those of us who like to create things. It’s a studio, boutique, “sewing & craft lounge” where you can buy things made by others, buy materials to make things, and learn to make things yourself. They sponsored the Urban Street Bazaar last weekend and they just do all kinds of things to inspire and promote creativity. From clothing to jewelry to gift items for the home, you’ll find inspiration and unique articles. Make is located in the Bishop Arts District at 313 N. Bishop.

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Eno’s Pizza Tavern

Check out Eno’s Pizza for a drink or a great bite to eat while you’re in Oak Cliff.  I tried their original pizza.  It’s a thin, almost crispy crust and great combination of toppings.  They offer live music on Fridays and first Thursdays.  A large bar and quiet booths make visiting easy, and the service is good.  407 N. Bishop Ave.  (If you can’t get to Oak Cliff, at least pay a visit to their creative website.)

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The Soda Gallery

Now this one is fun. Like walking into a beautifully illustrated comic book. The Soda Gallery is full of every kind of soft drink imaginable. Nostalgic drinks, imported drinks, all the Dublin Dr. Pepper you could want. You can buy by the case or a single chilled choice. Pop art (no pun intended) is on the walls and there’s a lounge with board games. My daughter enjoyed a Mexican Fresca and reminisced about mission trips to Costa Rica. I enjoyed a cold cherry cream soda and it just tasted good. 408 N. Bishop in the Bishop Arts district.

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A celebration in a store in the Bishop Arts District, Fête-ish features great gifts and artwork.  From scents to furniture to art made from everyday objects (check out the tie paintings), this is a fun and happy place to shop.  Something special happens in the evenings on first Thursdays – must check it out!  322 W. 7th in Dallas

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The Book Doctor

This one's for you, BonThere’s something settling about old books.  Kindle will get you “books in 60 seconds,” but there’s nothing like paper, leather, and glue to bring words to life.  The Book Doctor makes new custom books and rebinds old books.  The shop is a wonderful mix of leather, papers, and a jumble of antique books for sale.   Pay them a visit.  310 West 7th in Dallas in the Bishop Arts District.  Appointments are helpful.

Yes that antique work table is what you think it is...

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