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The Long Summer

I’ve been a slacker this summer. I must admit that when the extreme heat hits, it’s a little less tempting to get out and maybe even a little harder to brag on Dallas. But when the “cold front” arrived yesterday and I realized that the State Fair is right around the corner, I started thinking of what to feature next. We also have a new house guest, an exchange student from Korea. Suddenly I’m seeing things through the eyes of a teenager who is new not just to Dallas, but to the country. Should give me some new perspectives!

Here’s where I need the help of my readers. Suggestions? Recommendations? I would love to check out the places that you find to be unique to this area, and to hear why. And I’d love to know what you think are the best places to show off to someone entirely new to the country and the area!

(P.S. Can’t they just call them “less-hot fronts”?)


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Junkadoodle’s Spring Flea Market

Saturday will be the day to head to Lovers Lane and watch for the balloons!  Junkadoodle is sponsoring their second annual Spring Flea Market and ten other area shops will join in the fun.  Participating shops will be flying balloons.  Look for “Old Furniture, Used Furniture, Assemblage Art, Big Art, Folk Art and lots of Cool Junk. Old Friends, New Friends and great acquaintances” at places like Arteriors Too, Ditto Boutique, Eliza’s Little Shop on Lovers and more!  Get inspired at Pigment School of the Arts, offering classes in drawing, pastel, painting, sculpture and ceramics for all ages.  Check out their summer schedule for the kids!  May 15 from 9:00am to 6:00pm, west of Inwood on West Lovers Lane.

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First impressions aren’t always positive.  If you can get past the creepy doll-part art, Junkadoodle on Lover’s Lane is full of objects from nostalgic to kitschy to artistic.  My favorite things are around the room – nice original art pieces of all sizes line the walls.  Lots of lighting.  Creative vignettes display the finds. 4401 W. Lovers Lane just down and across from Celebration.

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My favorite restaurant since high school dates is Celebration Restaurant on Lovers Lane.  Delicious meals are served family-style in a sprawling old house which is still divided into rooms.  It’s easy to talk with your companions as each room has a limited number of tables, some cozy booths, and you’re not in a noisy and cavernous room like many restaurants.  They can also accommodate private party or lunch meeting rooms of various sizes – we held my 5-0 at Celebration with family and friends.  My all-time favorite dish is their pot roast, but I’ve never had anything that wasn’t great.  They start you on a basket of breads.  Try the house-made Thousand Island dressing on your salad.  The desserts sound great by description, but I’ve never had room to order one.  Their wine-pairing suggestions work.  Not the most posh restaurant in town, but definitely the most consistently comfortable and tasty.

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Rise No1

If you’ve traveled to France and wish you could go back, visit Rise No1 in Inwood Village. Souffles are the featured fare, with elegant salads and hors d’oeuvres to complement the souffles. The pace is European as you’ll wait for your souffle to be individually prepared and served hot and fluffy. Save room for a dessert souffle, or at least split one.  Indoor or patio seating are available year-round. A fun and delicious experience.

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fabricsCityCraft in Inwood Village calls itself a “fabric boutique and sewing lounge.”  They have the most unusual selection of fabrics I’ve seen in a while, and I do shop fabrics.  They also have things like transfer embroidery patterns that are hard to find anywhere any more.  Classes, “lounge nights,” and parties are also offered.  Colors and patterns will greet you and make you smile.  Lovers and Inwood behind the Inwood Theater.

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