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6th Floor Museum

The entrance is at the back of the building, parking is challenging, and you have to get past the conspiracy theory guys with their papers, but the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is worth the trip. The museum, with its audio tour and excellent gift/book shop, takes you into the world of 1963 and gives you the facts without the conspiracy hype. When you reach the window where Lee Harvey Oswald took aim and killed President Kennedy, all goes quiet as people reflect on the magnitude of this historic event. The assassination is treated with dignity and respect. The Kennedy family has never participated in commemorative Dallas events, but a few family members have had private, after-hours tours and have reacted positively to the museum. The museum also boasts a large oral history collection which documents every angle of this event and the society in which it occurred. Located in the “School Book Depository” building at 411 Elm Street downtown.


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