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First Baptist Dallas

If they post the special channel 8 broadcast from last Saturday I will put up a link. First Baptist Church imploded 5 buildings yesterday to make way for a new facility that is very impressive in what it brings to downtown Dallas. You can see the implosion here, but the Belief is Building special gave some history and showed all the future plans for the church. With the new arts district additions and other plans for a more pedestrian downtown, downtown Dallas may finally become a quality destination. And this looks like it will be a fitting addition.

The implosion itself was fascinating to watch, but the special broadcast showed the vision for the new facilities due to open Easter Sunday, 2013. Could almost make me want to be a Baptist. Seriously. It’s about accessibility and community and quality and heritage. Their people have really stepped up. And the sunshine on the old original sanctuary and steeple after the dust cleared had to feel like a blessing from above.

Visiting cities like Paris, Vancouver, and Chicago in recent years made me realize that as a city, Dallas is still young. We have a ways to go, but a lot of things are happening in the midst of economic and other uncertainties that I find promising for the future.


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Walnut Hill United Methodist Church

Walnut Hill United Methodist ChurchHappy Easter! In honor of Resurrection Sunday, a new category for houses of worship.  Today’s feature is the church where I grew up. In addition to being a wonderful place to call home, this church has a beautiful facility. I used to hear stories of flight attendants who wished to be married at Walnut Hill Methodist Church because they saw its steeple from the air flying into and out of Love Field. The sanctuary was build in the 1960s. The 13 windows in the sanctuary and 2 in the chapel are made with an unusual chunky glass with sculpted edges and brilliant colors. The illustrations of the windows represent Biblical accounts from creation through eternal life and they are full of symbols that provoke thought. 10066 Marsh Lane in Dallas. Traditional worship at 8:30 and 10:55am.

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