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Crooked Tree Coffee House

Another Guest Blog from Bonnie!

This cozy coffeehouse will remind you of your favorite college hangout spot. Great coffee in a cute old house with lots of comfortable seating and little nooks to hide away in to study or work all afternoon. 95% of the clientele may be on laptops, but that means it’s nice and quiet so you can hear the very pleasant, relaxing background music while you hang out. They’ve got all kinds of coffee and tea, and a decent selection of pastries. It’s a little hard to find, because the signage isn’t great, but once you do, plan to stick around for a while. Bring a book (or a MacBook, if you want to fit in) and take some time to unwind. If you buy one of their cute reusable cups, you even get the drink in it for free!

From me: Check out the great old architecture and new colors. Fun place – thanks, Bon!


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Healthy Me

This cafe had a slow start, but it’s turned into a nice place for a bite to eat. The first time I went, it was just a market for take-out and they held classes, and you felt like if you weren’t already a member of the club, you didn’t belong. So I didn’t go back for a while. But my daughter worked nearby and picked up lunches there as they expanded their menu and she loved the food. So I recently braved Healthy Me again and found the market has been converted to a charming cafe with great menu selections, comfortable booths, and fun local art on the walls. The food is healthy and actually tasty and satisfying; you can eat in or take it home or to the office carefully packed for later. I understand they even deliver school lunches to participating schools and would love to see a review of how that works. My mother and I split a salad and a sandwich and it was yummy. With takeout cases and some gift items, Healthy Me Cafe has evolved into a very friendly place! 240 N. Denton Tap Road in Coppell.

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Newflower Farmers Market

Right around the corner from The Pearl Cup is a fun little market – not unique to Dallas, but the only one of its kind in town.  Newflower Farmers Market is similar to Sprouts but a has a little more local flavor.  The produce looks great; prices range from great to okay.  Meats are reasonably priced and labeled with all the right things from the way the animals were raised to hormone-free, additive-free, etc.  They offer a small but quality selection of take-with food for an immediate meal.  They have the largest selection I’ve seen of local honeys that you can buy bottled or by the ounce.  Bulk products including organics – and candy – were extensive.  Everything is clean and tidy and the staff is very friendly and helpful.  Love their slogan!  Located at 1800 N. Henderson Ave. in Dallas.

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Prestonwood Baptist Church

Since I’ve never attended a service at Prestonwood Baptist Church, it would seem strange to post about it. But this church is not just a church, it’s somewhat of a phenomenon. When our daughter was married, Baptist relatives visiting from Florida had only one sight-seeing request, and that was to see Prestonwood. We took them, just to walk around while no services were taking place, and were amazed at what we saw. We have since attended weddings in their chapel (a beautiful, traditional place), and I have attended meetings and eaten lunch there on a number of occasions. This church is like a small city, with 2 gift shop/bookstores and a full restaurant (corporate-cafeteria-style) as well as a private school and full fitness facilities (probably not open to just anybody). The lobby has art and a series of stained glass windows, plus seating areas, a play area, and kiosks about various ministries. Quite a monument to what Big Baptist Bucks can build. (We refer to our church as being in the “shadow of the Baptidome” and when our staff goes to lunch there, we refer to it as eating at “our east campus.”) No disrespect intended – seriously – this church has impressive ministries in many areas and it’s a blessing to share the neighborhood. Located at Park Blvd. and Midway in Plano.

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Lovin’ Oven

Lancaster’s historic town square is home to this miniscule bakery that has been in business for almost 30 years.  The town square has taken several beatings over the years from fires to a Bonnie & Clyde bank robbery to a devastating tornado in 1994, but its charm has survived and it has some cute shops.  The Lovin’ Oven bakery is a great stop simply for yummy cookies, cakes, and other baked treats to eat on the spot or to order for an event.  Located at 181 Historic Town Square in Lancaster.

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Coppell Deli

When you visit the Farmer’s Market, pay a visit to the legendary Coppell Deli next door.  A known hangout of the Dallas Cowboys since it opened in 1989, several sandwiches are named for players.  It’s really more of a grill, with fabulous hamburgers and fries served in bags.  Try breakfast on the way to the market (you’ll have to stand in line!).  I personally recommend the pancakes, although some of the breakfast sandwiches (check out the Stubbs sandwich) are popular with the larger appetites.  Sports play on the TVs.  Don’t let the humble appearance fool you – it’s something you must experience!  449 W. Bethel Rd. in Coppell.   Take your lunch to nearby Grapevine Springs Park!  Their newer location, called Deliman Grill, is located on Denton Tap Road at the 121 Bypass.  Same good burgers with some good Greek food on the menu as well.

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Coppell Farmers Market

The weekend is almost here!  The Coppell Farmers Market opens for the season this Saturday and will run until the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This delightful market features direct-from-the-farm produce, plants, meats, and cheeses.  When peaches are in season the aroma meets you as you get out of your car.  You’ll find mouth-watering fresh strawberries, blueberries, melons and more.  Other vendors lend variety with seafood, breads, honey and honey spreads, canned goods, spices, soaps, coffee and tea, and even doggie treats.   Sometimes you’ll find music or community events in conjunction with the Market.  Located at W. Bethel and Coppell Roads – open 8am to sellout on Saturdays.

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The Pearl Cup

The Pearl Cup is a comfy espresso bar on Henderson St. east of I75.  The Pearl Latte is their signature drink.  It’s a little sweet and rich for me, but the Pearl Light is just right – a little bit of rich decadence combined with perfect coffee.  They have special teas and enticing baked goods as well as a small menu featuring breakfast and lunch items.  Plenty of outlets and wireless service for when you need to be connected; puppy-friendly patio seating for people watching on a pretty day.


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