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When I served on the Dallas County Historical Commission (for almost 7 years), the response I frequently received when I told people I served was something along the lines of “Dallas has history?” Everybody knows about The Event, but many are not aware of anything happening here prior to 1963. Well, the Dallas Historical Society is here to set you straight. How did a major city come to exist on an unlikely plain? Find out on Saturday tours hosted by entertaining and informative guides which include lunch at classic establishments on the tour routes. Tours take you to areas of town like Oak Cliff, East and South Dallas, McKinney, historic Dallas neighborhoods and more. Others feature themes like Bonnie and Clyde’s exploits, local historic cemeteries, and, yes, The Event is featured in a tour that follows the steps of Lee Harvey Oswald on that fateful day.  “The Extreme Dallas Tour” (one is coming up on April 24) features little-known facts and details that even the Dallas experts will enjoy. Dallas simply isn’t as old as New York or Chicago, but we definitely have history and wonderful examples of architectural eras. Tours begin at the Hall of State at Fair Park, where the Dallas Historical Society headquarters. By the way, if you’ve never been to Fair Park during a non-State Fair time, check out this National Historic Landmark and enjoy the largest collection of art deco architecture when you can take it in without the crowds.


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